Waste Management is one of the priority issues affecting the African Region. The raising quality of life and high rates of resource consumption patterns have had an unintended and negative impact on the urban environment. They have resulted in generation of wastes beyond the handling capacities of the majority of waste management authorities.

The majority of African countries are nowadays facing the problems of high volumes of waste, low capacity and high costs involved in the management, lack of proper disposal technologies and methodologies, inadequate manpower and equipment.
The Workshop on Africa sustainable solid waste management is organized in the context of Trans4Biotec Project and  aims to address the most relevant issues of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of best practices, concepts & effective technologies.It aims to raise awareness of scientists and citizens about the latest developments in the field of solid waste management.
Experts, scientists & professionals from industries, municipalities, private institutions, research & education institutions, will be invited to exchange ideas, techniques & experiences on the pressing issues of solid waste. Sharing and discussing views and experiences on innovative technologies for solid waste management will provide the opportunity to directly address the challenges of sustainable development.




Prof. Naaila OUAZZANI

BP. 2390, faculty of Sciences Semlalia, University Cadi Ayyad ,

Marrakech, Morocco